• Transportation & Infrastructure

    The Transport sector covers all aspect of rail and roads. Rail, which is the greenest and most sustainable mode of transport and the most viable over long distances, is seeing high speed rail becoming increasingly important as governments try to persuade people out of their cars. However, road networks continue to play their part in efficient transport systems as consumers continue to use their cars despite congestion and carbon emissions, and transporting goods by road is still seen a flexible, timely and affordable solution.


    Our people have been commissioned in key role in the delivery of some of the world’s most complex transport projects, providing clients like Transport for London, HS2, Riyadh Metro System, Gatwick Airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Manchester Airport and Heathrow Airport Limited, with high-quality solutions to their business challenges. We have delivered on time and on budget, maximizing returns on public (client) spending and ensuring that the image and reputations of some of the biggest transportation providers remain intact.

    Through our management, leadership and knowhow to control and deliver multi-faceted schemes we have ensured delivery to our clients’ specifications. Because we have worked on projects as vast and diverse as Heathrow Capital Investment Portfolio of Projects, Gatwick Airport North Terminal Development Programme and Development of the Riyadh Iconic Olaya Metro Station, we understand the unique issues transport agencies face, and work closely with them to improve customer satisfaction, deliver safe and convenient services that minimize disruption to the travelling public, and manage their capital investment effectively.

  • residential

    The Residential sector is as broad ranging as it is complex, encompassing single bespoke private houses to large multiple unit schemes with mixed tenure occupancy. Sustainability is a significant issue for clients and will continue to increase in importance with the move towards zero carbon housing. Finding the balance between satisfying commercial pressures, delivering environmental targets and keeping up with advances in technology and materials are just some of the challenges.

    Our people have been commissioned to deliver private estates to super prime multiple units, from major residential led mixed-use developments to regeneration schemes. Our team of highly focused, specialized and experienced staff have delivered a mix of new build, refurbishment and conversions for private clients, developers and publicly funded authorities.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    The Pharmaceuticals industry is global, with the major large clients having a presence in most countries in the world. Emerging markets, consolidation and acquisition are key aspects of growth in the current highly competitive marketplace. Our people have been involved in delivering project for blue chip clients like Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson and IPSEN working closely in synergy with all stakeholders and project team members to ensure our clients' business/project key requirements are truly fulfilled, risks are managed and mitigated and opportunities are explored and incorporated.

    Brisk Group service delivery model is flexible and scalable. This allows us to offer the same high standard of service no matter the size of project or client. Our positive and dedicated attitude promotes strong relationships with our clients.

  • master planning

    In this sector we work with clients to turn undeveloped sites into serviced plots for development or disposal. All major sites have significantly different requirements, so bespoke solutions must be found for each project with flexibility built-in to cope with planning variables and disposal strategies.

    One of the critical factors in developing sites is striking the balance between creating enough infrastructure and public realm to create value in the early stages without overburdening cash flow and pushing up client borrowing beyond available funding. Sustainability is also increasingly important in the sector, with innovative infrastructure energy solutions being sort to achieve higher levels of environmental accreditation.

  • retail

    Key to delivering successful projects in this sector is understanding the complexity of retail schemes, the key financial drivers and the impacts on stakeholders. Our experience allows us to give our clients balanced, expert advice from early feasibility right through to project completion.

    Our people have worked on major city centre retail-led regeneration, retail fit-outs, food store roll-outs, retail and leisure parks and development monitoring for scheme funders.

  • office

    Clients are demanding greater value from more density of occupation within buildings that are both sustainable in design and operation. We drive value for them through our detailed knowledge across the sector and the insights we gain from our market research which aims to develop and communicate best practice in all aspects of the office sector.

  • state & Governmental

    Huge opportunities exist to manage government estates more cost effectively. Property solutions can encompass capital procurement through to consolidation and efficiency programmes, from facilities management and building operations through to lease opportunities. To support these solutions, we identify organizational transformation which may be necessary to ensure the successful outcome of changes in property and working practices.

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