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About the company

In an industry where the present is still fighting with the past, we chose a completely different side. We chose the future.

We are Brisk Group, a company specializing in consulting services in the construction industry with offices in London, Bucharest and Chișinău. We work and develop thinking about the FUTURE of consultancy in the construction industry.
Change happens non-stop. We are always one step ahead of it, constantly innovating on all levels.
We are one of the best options you have when you want project and cost management. We know what “budget”, “timely” and “promised quality” mean, not just because we learned from the best, but also because we developed with complex projects and big challenges.

We have experience, procedures and a team that can deliver to international standards projects of any size in retail, residential, transport and infrastructure, office, distribution, energy, pharmaceutical industry or government sector.

"Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact"

William James Philosopher and psychologist

7 reasons to work with us

We work with innovative tools that allow for modern and efficient solutions

Our processes integrate state-of-the-art tools that enable us to contribute to the much needed modernization in the construction field. The digitization of our services adds value in the long run and provides a much better work experience for the client.

We listen to you carefully, analyze and then … we are on your way to success!

Because we know to really listen, we understand faster. Because we understand faster, we find better solutions. Because we find better solutions, the path to timing, budgeting, and planned quality is clearer from the earliest stages.

We offer you an objective and reasoned opinion on your project

We come up with the solutions that allow you to anticipate and manage the risks of your project. We can help you get an objective view of the stage you are in, what you can do to make things real, and where immediate intervention or more careful supervision is needed. We are the support you need to complete your project with the best parameters.

We have an international team, but strongly anchored in the realities of the Romanian construction market

We are professionals with a solid portfolio, built into successful projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. So we have won not only a good reputation and respect for our customers and collaborators, but also the science of adapting to each market and each type of customer.

Relevant experience in the most important segments of construction

Do you have a retail, residential, transport or infrastructure project, office, distribution, energy, pharma or government sector? We are the people you need to talk to when you want efficiency and control without headaches: we come with relevant experience on complex projects with time-tested processes and insights pertinent to your area of ​​interest.

Our team comes with a modern approach

In a sector where most players are confronted with the difficulty of retaining a capable human resource, we are motivating every day a full and complex team of specialists connected to the future. We all come up with a modern approach and with the desire to always ask more from us and from the projects we are involved in, and this is reflected in the quality of our solutions
which we propose to our clients.

We are builders … of long-term partnerships!

We started off with the thought of building a future business. And for that we know too well that we need solid partnerships. This is one of our goals in every project: to create and carry on healthy and profitable business relationships for all parties involved.


Brisk is a team with experience and expertise proven throughout time. We are under control and we can internalize any construction project, regardless of its complexity, because we rely on experts, tools and processes that always bring us one step ahead in the industry.

Here is out detailed experience.

Experience on the local market, as well as on international markets

We are present and active both in Romania and Great Britain. Moreover, over the years, we have successfully delivered projects across the world: from Europe to the Middle East, from Asia to Africa. We have expertise in mature markets as well as local know-how, which always helps us to complete complex projects regardless of their challenges.

Click here for details about some of our projects so far.

Experience in all important industries

Every industry comes with its specificity and requires a certain preparation. Our team can coordinate and implement projects in all major sectors: retail, residential, office, transport and infrastructure, logistics, government sector, pharmaceutical industry.

Click here for details about the industries of expertise.

Senior specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the field

Our team includes experts with over 10 years of experience, with solid background and many successfully delivered projects. We also rely on specialists with a fresh vision, a modern approach, always in favour of your project and investment.

Read here about the experience of our senior team

Experience in complex projects, with full project management services

Throughout time, we have worked in international teams, on complex projects, on which we have applied all our knowledge on project management. We offer complete services in managing your construction projects – from project management to cost management, certified site supervision, project control & planning, risk management, claim management, the management of precast concrete projects, etc..

Click here for our full services.

Experience in working with innovative tools and technologies

We are always one step ahead. We follow trends, we align to modern standards, and we are ready to use technology to benefit of the project, resource efficiency and long-term investment.


  • We engage with maximum professionalism in providing consulting and project management that will contribute to raising standards in construction and to the execution of projects with high added value.
  • We want to better understand the requirements and needs of our customers, always meeting them with solutions, services and the most suitable team to carry out each project.
  • We offer excellence and performance in management and execution, quality, cost and deadlines as cost-effective and advantageous as possible.
  • We have a modern vision, in which we successfully combine technological evolution and international regulations on safety and sustainability.


  • Streamlining the management and cost of construction projects;
  • Creating competitive advantages by identifying customized solutions;
  • Respecting all measures of sustainability and protection of the environment;
  • Identifying opportunities to increase organizational efficiency;
  • Dedication, experience and expertise in everything we do;
  • A fair, reliable, long-term partner;
  • Continuous improvement of the delivered solutions and results.


Flaviu Rusu_4

Flaviu Rusu

Head of Development Monitoring

Gabriela Mihalache_1

Gabriela Mihalache

Head of Office & Admin Department

Ovidiu Filiuță_2

Ovidiu Filiuță

Head of Cos & Commercial Department

Paul Bratu_2

Paul Bratu

Cost Manager

Sebastian Juncu_1

Sebastian Juncu

Technical Director

Valeriu Mavrodin_1

Valeriu Mavrodin

Head of MEP Department

Andrei Șălaru

Cost Manager

Aura Bratu

Cătălin Podgoreanu

Operational Director

Claudiu Bisnel

Managing Director

Diana Botezatu

Head of Business Development Department

Dragoș Cocoșilă

Head of Project Management Department

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